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The longer this salad sits before serving, the more juice the tomatoes give off, so serve it with a spoon to catch every drop. You could shave off calories by using low fat mayonnaise in both crab cakes and tartar sauce. (Clark doesn't recommend using non fat mayo.) You could broil the crab cakes instead of pan searing them. And if that's still not low enough, you could leave off the tartar sauce entirely: Thanks to the Old Bay and mustard, the crab cakes have plenty of zesty taste.

We expect no further contributions for 2012 and we now estimate the contributions to our pension plan to be $6.3 million for 2013.Cash at quarter end totaled $15.5 million and long term debt was $83.3 million. As we announced in September, we closed a new five year secured credit facility comprised of $200 million asset based loan and a $50 million secured term loan. 

Certain lower end subwoofer brands such as Sony XPlod focus on producing bass that you can feel; their speakers will rattle your trunk lid from the bass that they produce. However, the good subwoofer brands such as Infinity and Kenwood focus on producing bass that you can hear; virtually nothing will rattle in your car from the bass, but you will definitely hear the bass lines in the songs!

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